Webservant / Internet Chair

Members of the Board

Area Chair

Duane M.

Area Vice Chair

Earl S.

Area Secretary Arlene J.

Area Treasurer

Lynn A.

Area Co-Treasurer

Joetta K.

Area Committees

Chips and Literature David N.

Hospitals and Institutions





Jolene F.

Public Information

Ben S.

Unity / Special Events


Structures & Bylaws

Deloris B.

Webservant / Internet

Tim B.


Inland Empire Area Service Meeting
3rd Saturday of each month
24187 Postal Avenue
Moreno Valley, CA 92553

CA General Contact Information

Inland Empire Area Phone Hotline (951) 359-3895
Inland Empire Area Hi Desert (760) 255-1093

CA World Services (310) 559-5833

CA World Services Website

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